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How do I become a new customer?
Leave the scary stuff to us! Palmetto Propane can lead you through the entire process of installing your tank, creating your system and picking your appliances. That's why we call ourselves full-service. Contact us today or visit one of our customer showrooms to start the process.
I just bought a new house that has a Palmetto Propane tank. How do I set up deliveries?
Congratulations on the new the home and good job on picking a house with energy savings in mind! Just like transferring an electrical meter into your name, all you need to do is contact us to fill out some brief new customer paperwork and then we can get you setup for regular deliveries. Call us at 1 (800) 233-1882 or fill out your transfer paperwork online now.
How are deliveries scheduled?
As a customer, you are placed in one of three types of propane and fuel deliveries: Will Call, Scheduled or Automatic. Will Call means exactly what it sounds like, when YOU need a delivery, YOU call and we fill you up. If you use a consistent amount of fuel then you can then be setup for scheduled deliveries in any interval (days, weeks, months, years). Automatic deliveries leverage our knowledge of your system and appliances and uses a calculation with the weather to determine how much fuel you use and fill based on those projections.
How long for will call deliveries?
Will Call propane deliveries are currently on a 5-10 business day window. Customers are encouraged to call us when their tank reaches 20% or below. Any customers that are will call and in need of emergency deliveries will be charged a $150 emergency delivery fee. We ask all customers to please be mindful of your tank percentage to avoid the additional delivery fees.
I want to switch propane providers. What do I do?
Palmetto Propane is happy to help you and your family with any propane fueling needs. Customers must know that, legally, Palmetto can only fill Palmetto Propane owned tanks, or customer owned tanks with proper paperwork signed. In order to start using Palmetto Propane gas, we must first set and install a new tank to your home or business's system. If you are switching away from Palmetto Propane or selling your home, please contact the service department to start a tank disconnection work order or a tank pick up work order.
Are there yearly fees for my propane tank?
Tanks owned by Palmetto Propane are subject to a yearly "Tank Rent" fee if minimum usages for the year are not met. Required usages depend on tank size and will be outlined in your new customer paperwork, but usually amounts to 2 propane fills per year to meet minimums.
What happens if I Run Out of Propane?
Just like checking your gas gauge in your car before you start driving, you should keep an eye on your propane tank's fuel gauge. The fuel gauge will give you a rough estimation of how much liquid propane is still in your tank. If you run completely out of propane, federal regulations require that the entire gas system be inspected by service professional. A system leak check will be required before the system can be refilled and put back into service. Save yourself the hassle and additional fees by contacting Palmetto Propane when your tank reaches between 20-30% on the gauge.
I have been using my propane, but my fuel gauge is not moving.
The propane tank's fuel gauge is a small plastic dial that sets on top of your tank. The gauge can malfunction if the unit is cracked or water has entered the body of the gauge. Please call Palmetto Propane's service department to schedule a service technician to replace the gauge at no cost to you.