Commercial & Industrial Propane

Affordable, reliable, versatile: Propane for your business.
No matter the size or scale of your business, time is money. We keep your machinery running around the clock, so you can enjoy peace of mind with a trusted and reliable propane supplier.

We offer the propane service your business deserves, with tailored delivery options to fit your business's operation.

With Palmetto Propane, you can:
    ∙Stay fueled up 24/7 with reliable auto-delivery
      ∙Enjoy our easy-to-use customer portal and payment system
        ∙Track propane usage with our digital tank monitoring software
          ∙Receive dedicated customer service

          Because we've spent more than 65 years serving our customers throughout South Carolina and Georgia, Palmetto Propane is the best choice for your business.

          Industries we serve

              ∙Industrial Applications
                ∙Commercial Construction
                  ∙Propane for Forklifts
                    ∙Material Handling
                          ∙Hotels, Restaurants, & Resorts

                          Benefits of Propane for your business:

Palmetto Propane can help your business.

Propane has a wide range of uses in the commercial field. Learn more about the applications of propane by contacting us today.

Safety is our priority. Our service technicians and drivers are trained with this in mind, and we offer 24/7/365 emergency service. We offer the newest technology and equipment to give you peace of mind. Does your business require critical response time for propane delivery? We have you covered.
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