AutoGas Program

Fleet Fueling at Scale

Liquid Propane, or LP Gas, when used in the form of motor vehicle fuel is known as AutoGas. Palmetto Propane is a proud partner to the Autogas program and offers fuel conversion kits as well as fuel terminal installations.

The Autogas program was created with commercial fleets in mind. Businesses with large fleets feel the pressure from rising fuel prices and increased regulations from the government. Using an alternative fuel that is environmentally friendly and cost effective has huge potential to a company's bottom line.

Learn more about the complete AutoGas program at their website here.

How Palmetto Propane can help your business

Propane has a wide range of uses in the commercial field. Learn more about the applications of propane through our representatives and partners. With our partnership with Alliance Autogas, Palmetto Propane is constantly expanding our alternative fueling infrastructure. Currently with 4 refueling locations, we are striving to make energy efficient fueling more accessible to the masses.

Palmetto Propane Autogas Dispensers